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Sunday, 6 December 2009

How To Claim Your Blog on Technorati

I decided to submit Mind Mole to Technorati (a massive blog search engine) in order to give it a bit more exposure and hopefully to gain some more readers. Here I will run through the simple process I went through to do this.

First off, head over to http://technorati.com/ and set up an account. This is pretty standard really, username, password and all that. I was then sent an email where I had to click a link to activate my account. Simple as that, I had a profile which I could customise with a picture and brief bio etc.

Now on to the important stuff, claiming your blog. At the bottom of your profile you can enter the url of your blog and then submit a claim. You can add a title and a description of the content on the next page, as well as some tags. Once you're done, Technorati send you an email which includes a claim token. This is so they can verify you are actually the author of the blog. All you have to do is submit a post on your blog and include the token code. You can take this post down again after a few minutes if you want to so don't worry about it ruining your blog's content. My code was D346NZAKQ77B. Once the post is submitted to your blog, on your Technorati profile click "Check Claim" and then "Verify Claim Token". You should then get another email saying they have successfully found the claim token and your blog will officially be yours in Technorati's eyes.

All that's left to do is sit back and watch as the hits come rolling in.....

Or so I thought.  It turns out Technorati is rubbish and no-one uses it anymore.  Oh well, that was a waste of time.

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